“Over the past 3 years, I've worked with Ron and his team to create high-quality product videos while working as the Digital Marketing Manager at Smartwool, and before that, as the Marketing Manager at Kelty. They bring together product development experience with video production skills, and are truly a pleasure to work with.

Ron’s expertise in apparel shines at every stage to ensure videos are detailed and accurate – from script-writing, to casting talent based on fit specifications, to knowing how to demonstrate features and benefits on screen. Plus, the process is efficient and streamlined, which enabled us to develop product videos at a higher quantity than ever before.

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Our sales reps, retailers, and eCommerce teams are thrilled with the videos, and we are already seeing significant increases in conversion rate and average order value when shoppers view the product videos that Ron and his team produced.”

Laura Rysz-

Digital Marketing Manager, Smartwool

Dan Holz

“As our product line continues to grow, we found ourselves needing more resources to create video that can live next to the videos we produce in-house. Gear Cuts has helped us to do just that. The quick turn around time, attention to detail, and in-depth proficiency with industry-specific products has solidified this working relationship for us as one we aim to continue.”

Jeremy Dodge

“The process of creating videos with Gear Cuts was so smooth and so easy. Video production is such an important part of marketing in 2016. It is so great to be able to send our products to Ron and his crew of gear experts, check in with weekly updates, and know that they will make our products look amazing. We know that Mountainsmith’s customers will be just as impressed as we are.”

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With a 15 year background in product design, we understand gear inside and out. We understand gear because we use gear. We’ve hiked 1,000 miles of the Appalachian Trail. We’ve thru hiked the John Muir Trail. With only our small backpacks, we traveled the long way around the Southern Hemisphere chasing adventure. Our intimate relationship with outdoor products helps us talk about gear in a way your customers can understand. 

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Reintroduce the salesman back into the buying experience, and help your customers better understand how much thought and attention to detail went into the design of your products.

Product videos will bring your gear to life and make your customers more comfortable making their purchases online.



Step 1

It starts with a plan.

We look at your video strategy as a whole, and plan together what the best overall program should be.



Send us the products.

We prep and steam all of the pieces to be sure they are looking good during their moment in the limelight.


Step 3

We shoot.

After confirming the script and shoot plan with you, we film your product on our actor and edit it into a clear, concise video.


Step 4

We deliver.

After you approve the video, we send you the digital files and ship back the neatly repackaged products.

As they say, the proof's in the pudding...



We have a long history in product design and development, and are gear junkies ourselves.  

 Simply put, we love to play outside.

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