Our hands feel naked without a camera. We can’t imagine a trip without one. We’ve logged thousands of hours playing with settings, perfecting our shot and polishing our skills. But that’s stating the obvious. To really understand why we stand above the crowd, you need to be plugged in to what makes us different. So here’s the skinny.

A bit about Ron…

Ron on Summit Day of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Ron on Summit Day of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Ron is a gear junkie to the core. While the other kids on the block were playing baseball, Ron was reading books about the Appalachian Trail, planning adventures to far off mountains, and building the gear needed to take him there.

Ron has been addicted to the outdoors from a very early age. Some might say that the outdoors was his first true love. As a result of this love affair with everything outdoors, Ron took to his grandma’s sewing machine at the wee age of 13, and began making his own backpacks.

The iterative process of product development became a game for him. Ron would build one pack, take it for a trip, come home, refine the design, and sew up another. Over time, this game turned into an Apparel Design and Production degree from Colorado State University, and eventually into a career in the outdoor industry, working for innovative companies like GoLite, Pearl Izumi, and Trek Bikes.

During his time in the industry, he created advanced products for pro athletes that pushed the limits. He has worked directly with discerning cyclists who compete at the Tour de France, hardcore ultrarunners who race 100+ miles, and world-class triathletes who have taken home first place at the Kona Ironman. Most recently, he has designed and developed products for Pearl Izumi, GoLite, Spyder, and Trek Bikes. This work has taught him the incredible attention to detail that goes into creating the best gear in the world – be it a backpack, a bike jersey, a tent, or a triathlon shoe.

A bit about Barbara…

While Ron was busy geeking out on gear as a kid, Barbara was hard at work skinning knees and telling stories. Barbara is, and always has been, active in her pursuit to challenge herself as well as curious about how words can be crafted into something much bigger than a succession of letters.

With her tunnel vision set on the mountains of the West, Barbara hightailed it to Colorado following her graduation from the University of St. Thomas where she earned a degree in Communications and Journalism with a Visual Communications and Rhetoric focus. She has been involved in the outdoor and ski industries ever since. Getting her start in customer facing communication, she worked her way into the world of marketing. It was like coming home. Years later, she still has no intentions of moving.

Among other responsibilities, Barbara specialized in interactive media. She honed her copywriting skills, increased her technical understanding of outdoor products, and gained intimate knowledge of what resonates with the industry’s target demographic. That’s a roundabout way of saying she can write a badass video script.

Barbara soaking up Yellowstone's beauty

Barbara soaking up Yellowstone's beauty

Why all of this matters…

All of this to say that we get it. We know gear inside and out. We are both you and your customer. Ron understands the construction, technology and uses of individual products, and Barbara can relay that information to consumers in a clear, concise, correctly positioned message. This deep, ingrained knowledge of all aspects of the product lifecycle is not something you are going to find in your average videographer.


e: ron@gearcuts.com

T: 720.739.0011