Types of Videos

We offer a wide variety of videos. Some are short. Some are long. We want to make sure you get the right style of video for each of your products to maximize your results. Please check out some of our work below. If you like what you see, or if you have any questions, get in touch.

Custom Builds

These specialty product videos are highly involved, and work to really incorporate your brand vision all while maintaining product video best practices. These can be shot outdoors in the elements, or in the studio. They can tell a story. They can detail a set-up process or take a deep dive into product technology. Essentially with Custom Builds, we start from scratch to create exactly what you need.


ShowMAN Videos

Showman Videos are the equivalent to a helpful shop employee walking you through the products in an online shopping environment. They help customers to understand what is special about a specific product and why they should choose this product over another product for their individual needs. Showman Videos dig into product features, highlight the fit, and use an on-screen personality to connect with the audience. These product videos are shot in studio and they include an authentic on-screen personality who speaks directly to camera, and therefore directly to your customers. This goes a long ways in building trust between your brand and your customer. There are no distractions and details are clearly visible, ensuring customers know exactly what they will be getting at their front door after they purchase.


VoiceOVER Demos

Voiceover Demos are a cost effective way to add video to product pages. These are short videos that show off product features while an off-screen actor reads a script. The well-crafted voiceover still adds a human element to the product video to build trust while allowing you to convey a significant amount of information to the customer. These product videos are shot in studio, typically on a white background, which makes the product the hero. The detail shots are aligned with the script so that the customer can make the connection between the voiceover and the images that they are looking at.


Bullet Point DemoS

Bullet Point Demos are a vamped up version of still product photography. Instead of a spoken description, this product video variety uses text flyovers to communicate keystone details that influence buying decisions in a cost effective manner. The movement inherent in video versus photography shows off the product’s fit, movement, and features in action. These product videos are shot in studio, on a white background.


Quick Flicks

Quick Flicks are purpose-built, short videos that focus on showing off fit, limiting product feature shots. Quick Flicks are great for social content, especially on platforms such as Instagram with its narrow time frame allotment. These product videos can be a great addition to Showman Videos or Voiceover Demos in a broader scale video strategy. These short videos can also be an excellent choice for lower priced items that you still want to have a video for.


Don't see what you are looking for?   Please get in touch, and we can help you out!